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Weatherproof Your Home Against Draughts Silicone Joint Sealants

Enhance Your Home’s Comfort with General Seal’s Silicone Joint Sealants Application

As colder weather approaches, securing a cosy, warm home becomes everyone’s priority. Achieving this often requires effective draught-proofing to maintain your home’s temperature and energy efficiency. General Seal, a renowned name in professional silicone joint sealants application, brings you reliable and cost-effective services to shield your home from cold draughts.

The Problem of Draughts

Draughts result from gaps in doors, windows, or wall joints, allowing cold air to seep into your home. These draughts can disrupt your living space’s warmth and force your heating system to work harder, causing higher energy costs.

The Solution: Professional Application of Silicone Joint Sealants

Silicone joint sealants offer a robust solution for draught-proofing. These sealants have unmatched flexibility that allows them to expand and contract according to temperature changes, ensuring no cracks or peeling. A well-applied silicone joint sealant forms a strong, waterproof barrier that prevents cold air from entering, thereby enhancing your home’s energy efficiency.

The key to achieving this lies in the expertise of General Seal. Our skilled technicians professionally apply high-quality silicone joint sealants to create a durable barrier against harsh weather. With our exceptional services, your home will remain warm and free from draughts.

The General Seal Application Process

The effective application of silicone joint sealants requires a clean and dry surface free from grease. At General Seal, we prepare the surface carefully, apply masking tape for a clean finish, and then use a cartridge gun to fill the gaps with the silicone joint sealants, ensuring they adequately seal the joint’s depth. Our experts then smooth the sealant and remove the masking tape before it dries. The result is a professionally sealed area that keeps draughts at bay.

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Versatile Applications of Silicone Joint Sealants

Beyond draught-proofing, silicone joint sealants can also be applied in other areas of your home, such as around bathtubs, showers, sinks, and kitchen appliances. Proper application of silicone joint sealants in these areas can prevent water leakage and moisture build-up, mitigating the risk of mould and potential structural damage.

Why Choose General Seal?

When you choose General Seal, you’re opting for superior craftsmanship and the skilled application of high-quality silicone joint sealants. Our chosen sealants adhere well to a variety of substrates, including glass, metal, wood, ceramic, and most plastics. Resistant to UV light, ozone, and temperature extremes, our silicone joint sealants guarantee a durable seal that lasts.

Our commitment lies in making your home as comfortable and energy-efficient as possible. By choosing us, you’re choosing effective and lasting protection against draughts.


Don’t leave anything to chance when draught-proofing your home. Trust General Seal for the professional application of silicone joint sealants, ensuring lasting protection and improved comfort. With us, you’ll enjoy a warm, cosy living space with lower heating costs, regardless of the weather outside.

A well-sealed home is not just warmer but also more energy-efficient. Get ready for the colder months with General Seal’s professional silicone joint sealants application services. Secure your home against draughts and bask in the warmth today!

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