Fire Rated Joint Sealing

Fire Rated Joint Sealing Specialists: QBCC Licensed

Fire Rated Joint Systems are an essential part of a building’s Fire Protection System. Within the current construction market, the awareness of Fire Safety and compliance has never been higher.

Our team understands and embraces the importance & necessity of Fire Protection System.

We will provide professional and efficient service, so you can relax knowing that the entire job is done properly.

We have optimised a simplified program that addresses our clients concerns and provides assurance that Fire Rated Joint Systems have been completed to meet legislative requirements and Australian Standards

Keep in mind that if the fire sealing is incorrectly installed, it can affect the safety of your property and everyone inside of it. Fire can cause severe damage and cost you thousands of repairs.

We hope that you are aware how important it is to invest in professional fire rated sealing.

If you are ready to make your building more secure, we highly recommend using us for all your joint sealing needs.

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